Australian authorities recall yet another unsafe Power Adapter

31 August 2021
Australian Consumer and Competition Commission

In 2016, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) issued a recall notice for yet another unsafe power adapter

Follow the below link for details of the product recall in question.

Link to Product Safety Recall Notice

On this occasion the problem lies with the plug insert that was supplied with the power adapter, which has a manufacturing fault that causes them to break apart while being unplugged from a power socket. This could potentially expose live parts which can cause a dangerous electric shock.

This is a timely reminder to anyone importing equipment that comes with a power adapter, that it is the importer’s responsibility to ensure that the power supply is safe.

There is a multitude of suppliers around the world offering low cost power supplies and some of those have genuine Australian approvals.

However, unless the manufacturer has a strict regime to maintain the quality of their product, then the quality and ultimately safety of later batches of the power supply may be called in to question.

Having an approval for the power supply won’t insure you against the costs of having to manage any product recalls. So, it is always best to do your homework and carry out due diligence on any power supply manufacturer you are planning to buy from.

MEAN WELL has been producing power supplies since 1986 and has earned a global reputation for manufacturing premium quality, reliable power supplies that are cost effective. MEAN WELL has strict quality control processes in place, which ensure that product quality is maintained to a high standard for each and every batch coming off the production line.

If you are looking for a power adapter that you can package up with a product and export, then there are two MEAN WELL power adapters we think you should look at:

MEAN WELL GE Series Plug Pack



MEAN WELL desk top power adapter
MEAN WELL GST Series Desk Top Adapter


Both have a wide array of international electrical safety approvals and are manufactured to a high standard.

The GE series plug packs are usually supplied with the Australian AC plug as standard, with the plugs for other countries being available to order as an additional item.

One thing to bear in mind, although you may come across other models of MEAN WELL power adapters on other international sites, they are unlikely to have Australian approvals.

Contact MEAN WELL Australia if you have any questions about Australian electrical safety certification and MEAN WELL power supplies.