Australian Regulators clamping down on non-approved Power Supplies

6 September 2021
RCM Mark

In 2016, the NSW Fair Trading Commissioner, Rod Stowe announced the outcome of recent raids by the agency that netted thousands of unapproved and counterfeit products.

Users of MEAN WELL power supplies and particularly MEAN WELL LED drivers are reminded that in many cases a specific version of the power supply is produced, which complies with Australia’s electrical safety regulations.

These Australia specific models carry exactly the same part# as the standard MEAN WELL model available overseas, but have a slightly different design and different safety markings on the label.

Therefore, it is recommended that you buy from a MEAN WELL Australia partner to ensure that your power supply is the Australian approved model.

The below types of MEAN WELL power supply need to have Australian electrical safety approvals. International certification such as CE and UL are not recognised in Australia.

  • LED Drivers
  • Power Adapters (Desk Top and Plug Packs)
  • Battery Chargers

These must have an RCM mark displayed on the product label.

If no RCM mark is present the older type approval numbers are still acceptable.

Industrial power supplies, such as DIN rail power supplies and enclosed power supplies fall under a different set of regulations and don’t need to display an approval number if there is no RCM mark present, only a C-tick.

If you have any concerns at all about MEAN WELL power supply approvals do not hesitate to contact MEAN WELL Australia.