The Benefits of Buying MEAN WELL Power Supplies Locally

9 November 2021

Buying your MEAN WELL power supplies from a local MEAN WELL distributor or stockist has many advantages.

Such as:  

  • Stock availability 
  • Returns 
  • Approvals 
  • Technical support (with understanding of how things are done in Australia) 
  • Overall value 

Stock Availability 

Having stock locally in Australia means a short turnaround time of your orders. Some Australian MEAN WELL distributors have multiple warehouses around Australia and will gladly hold stock of any items you regularly buy in the warehouse that is local to you.  

This is a great benefit, especially to MEAN WELL customers in Perth, who would otherwise have to wait for larger orders to be delivered by road across the Nullarbor. 

Favourable Returns Policies 

If you accidentally order the wrong item from overseas, the shipping can be costly to return the item. This of course only applies if the supplier agrees to take it back.  

Some MEAN WELL Australian distributors have generous returns policies in place, where you can return a brand-new unused item within 6 months. You usually have to cover the cost of shipping the item back, which is not so expensive when your supplier is in Australia. 


This is one aspect that many customers don’t think about. They presume that the supplier is legally bound to sell them a power supply that is fully compliant with Australia’s laws and regulations.  

This only holds true if your supplier is based in Australia.  

Overseas suppliers are not bound by Australia’s laws, and this is where some people come unstuck.  

One of the most common problems is MEAN WELL customers assuming that a domain guarantees the supplier is based in Australia. This is not the case.  

We recommend that you check your supplier’s website for an Australian head office address and telephone number. There are some overseas suppliers using website domains. If you buy from one of these, the power supply may not comply with Australia’s laws and regulations.  

It is important to note that when you buy from an overseas supplier it is you who is legally responsible for ensuring the item you are importing is compliant, not the supplier. 

Technical Support 

Most reputable suppliers of MEAN WELL power supplies will offer technical support.  

If you are buying through an online store, you may be limited to trying to resolve your problem through an email chain.  

Sometimes it is far quicker to resolve a problem if you can speak to someone on the phone locally.  

If technical support is important to you look for an Australian MEAN WELL supplier who makes their phone number easy to find on their website.  

The Value Proposition 

In most cases, Australian distributors of MEAN WELL power supplies can supply at similar prices to overseas vendors, sometimes the Australian distributor is more competitive.  

Some online sellers in Australia only show a retail price on their website and you may have to either register for trade pricing or request a quote if you are a business.  

When you consider the similarities in pricing between overseas and Australian MEAN WELL suppliers, why would you take the risk with an overseas supplier? 

If you would like assistance in finding a suitable Australian supplier of MEAN WELL power supplies, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.