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10 April 2018
Bounce LED

MEAN WELL is Bounce LED's first choice, when it comes to LED drivers.

This is because Bounce LED only offer high quality products with a proven track record.

But that’s not all, Bounce LED also offer their customers a service that is second to none.

Bounce LED isn’t like your average LED supply shop. As well as high quality products, Bounce LED provide a unique ‘plug and play’ service where they supply all LED modules, accessories, products and components and include LED layouts with every project to ensure impressive results, every time.

One recent example is the Lavan Sky Sign in Perth.

Super Signs were commissioned to update the old iconic neon ‘Lavan Legal’ sign.

All Super-Signs had to do was E-mail their artwork to Bounce LED.

Bounce LED could use the artwork to calculate the exact number of LED modules required and their precise placement to achieve even illumination.

Bounce LED also suggests the most suitable LED modules and LED drivers for the project.

MEAN WELL’S HLG series LED drivers were chosen for this project because of their excellent reliability. In fact, the MEAN WELL HLG series LED drivers come with a 7-year warranty.


MEAN WELL is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power supplies, including LED drivers.

The company was founded in 1982 by Mr. Jerry Lim and has gone on to earn a global reputation for designing and manufacturing power supplies, which are highly advanced, reliable and yet cost effective.

If you want to be sure your LED signage give optimum performance, then contact Tec-know Signage. Their expertise in selecting the best products available will ensure your signs are attention grabbing and reliable.

Bounce LED 

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