Buying MEAN WELL Power Supplies Online in Australia

23 June 2021

Many businesses and hobbyists find buying MEAN WELL power supplies online very convenient, especially if they need to place orders outside of business hours.  

There are several online stores in Australia and around the world offering this service. Before you click on the ‘confirm order’ button, there are a few things you should consider before committing to buy.  

Does the Power Supply Have the Correct Approvals for Australia? 

This is very important if you are buying from an online seller that is not based in Australia. Australian based sellers should be aware of the local regulations and should only be selling fully compliant power supplies. 

It should be noted that domains do not automatically mean that you are dealing with an Australian register business based in Australia

If the supplier is based overseas then you are deemed to be the importer under Australian law, and it is you who is responsible for ensuring the power supply meets Australia’s regulations on electrical safety and EMC standards. For some types of power supply there are also minimum energy performance standards to consider.  

Penalties for failing to comply with Australian regulations can be severe, especially if a power supply you install is found to have caused severe injury, or death. 

Not all MEAN WELL power supplies carry the required Australian certifications. MEAN WELL designs and manufactures power supplies that are used all around the world. Different jurisdictions have different requirements, not all of them are compatible with each other.  

If the MEAN WELL power supply you are thinking of buying is not listed on this website, please contact MEAN WELL Australia to confirm its approval status. 

Is the Seller Based in Australia? 

As well as the regulatory considerations mentioned above, there are other reasons why you may prefer to buy from an Australian based business.  

Australian based businesses are bound by Australia’s laws, so if something goes wrong the supplier must provide a remedy as required by local regulations.  

Overseas suppliers are beyond the reach of Australian consumer and safety laws.  

Some online suppliers, such as ADM Systems have multiple warehouses around Australia, which ensure short delivery times.  

If you run into difficulties, it can also be useful to talk to someone in Australia with the technical knowledge to help you resolve your problem.  

Check the contact details to see if the company has an Australian phone number and Australian address. To be certain, you can check the business’ registration on the Australian Government’s ASIC website, or contact MEAN WELL Australia for advice. 

Online Pricing 

Overseas online pricing can be competitive.  

However, it is worth checking to see if an Australian online seller offers discounted prices for registered customers. Some do, and they are competitive with some of the well-known US based online suppliers.  

You may find that you can buy at competitive prices and still have access to local technical support and stocks.  

Buying Online Summary 

  • Buying online is convenient.  
  • Buying from an Australian based supplier avoids the expense and hassle of having to manage the compliance of your power supplies with Australian laws and regulations 
  • Pricing from Australian suppliers can be as competitive as the prices advertised overseas. 
  • For additional peace of mind, buy from an online supplier who offers technical support and carries stock locally.