Buying MEAN WELL Power Supplies Online or Overseas

10 November 2021

You may be thinking of buying your MEAN WELL power supplies online, or from an overseas supplier.

Before you take the plunge there are a few things to consider.  

Complying with Australian Laws and Regulations 

Australian distributors of MEAN WELL power supplies are legally bound to ship you a power supply that complies with Australia’s laws and regulations regarding electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and minimum energy performance standards (MEPS).  

Overseas sellers of MEAN WELL power supplies are not bound by Australian laws. Therefore, it falls upon you, the importer, to ensure the power supply meets all of Australia's regulatory requirements. 

Buyer beware! Overseas sellers are unlikely to know what Australia’s regulatory requirements are and should not be relied upon to give you advice in this field. Not all MEAN WELL power supplies comply with the Australian standards, which is why not every model is listed on this website. 

Know Where Your Online Vendor is Based 

Some overseas sellers of MEAN WELL power supplies use email domains.  

A domain does not guarantee the supplier is based in Australia 

Therefore, we recommend you check the seller's website for a registered head office address in Australia and an Australian telephone number.  

If the seller is not in Australia, then it is you who are responsible for ensuring any power supply you import meets all of Australia’s laws and regulations.  

Buyer beware! You may unwittingly by a power supply that cannot be legally used in Australia if you are buying from an overseas online seller.  

Perceived Price Advantage 

You may have seen a competitive price on an online seller's website, or you may have been quoted at an attractive price.  

Before placing your order, contact an Australian MEAN WELL distributor to see if they can offer you a similar price.  

You will find in most cases they can. Some Australian online sellers only display a retail price on their websites, so you may need to register for trade pricing or request a quote. 

There are many benefits to buying your MEAN WELL power supplies locally, which we discuss in this blog post: The Benefits of Buying MEAN WELL Power Supplies Locally 

Please do not hesitate to contact MEAN WELL Australia if you are having trouble sourcing a MEAN WELL power supply.