Constant Current LED Drivers

6 September 2021

MEAN WELL offers a broad range of constant current LED drivers.  Many models of which are available through one or more of our MEAN WELL Australia partners with Australian electrical safet certification.

Before we take a look at the MEAN WELL range of constant current LED drivers we should just quickly touch on the subject of Australian safety approvals.

In the majority of cases a customised version of the MEAN WELL LED driver is required in order to comply with Australia's electrical safety laws. These customised models will carry the same part number as the standard model sold internationally, but will have a different set of safety approval markings on the label.

Therefore, it is recommended that you buy from a reputable supplier in order not to get caught with a non-approved LED driver.

The demand for constant current LED drivers is growing day by day. More so now with the increasing use of constant current LED strips. This is because longer lengths can be used without voltage drop, which can result in a drop in the colour temperature of the LED strip.


High Power Constant Current LED Drivers

MEAN WELL has a good range of constant current LED drivers that are extremely robust in their design and deliver a high output power.

The HLG-C and ELG-Cseries constant current LED drivers boast the following features:

  • IP67 / IP65 Ingress Protection Rating – Weatherproof
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • High Efficiency
  • Dimmable Models Available
  • Adjustable Current / Voltage Output Models Available
MEAN WELL HLG Series Constant Current LED Driver
MEAN WELL HLG Series Constant Current LED Driver


MEAN WELL ELG Series Constant Current LED Driver
MEAN WELL ELG Series Constant Current LED Driver


Don’t forget that the constant voltage model HLG and ELGLED drivers can be used in constant current mode, giving you a greater range of current outputs available. As high as 40 Amps, should you need it!

MEAN WELL 600 Watt LED Driver
MEAN WELL 600 Watt LED Driver


A fact sheet is available for download on using the HLG series LED drivers in Constant Current Mode.

Download Fact Sheet>


Dimmable Constant Current LED Drivers

As well as the dimmable models of the HLG LED drivers mentioned above, MEAN WELL also has a range of dimmable constant current LED drivers, for indoor use.

LCM Series

There are three versions of the MEAN WELL LCM series constant current LED drivers available:

Standard Model

0-10V, PWM, Resistance Dimming

DA Model

DALI Dimming, Push Button Dimming

KN Model

KNX Interface


All models are available with either A 25 Watts, 40 Watts, or 60 Watts output and have two remarkably convenient features that makes them stand out amongst the pack:

First of all they all have a selectable current output. There is a set of DIP switches under the removable blue panel. The installer sets these DIP switches according to the required constant current output required. There is a handy chart printed on the front of the LED driver, which shows the required switch positions for each of the output options.

MEAN WELL LCM Series Constant Current LED Driver
MEAN WELL LCM Series Constant Current LED Driver


Secondly, up to 10 MEAN WELL LCM LED drivers can be used synchronously, with one acting as the master and the other 9 as slaves. This is great for simplifying installations, where you want to control multiple LED drivers from one dimming controller.


PCD Series

The MEAN WELL PCD series is the only constant current LED driver in the range that features AC phase cut dimming. This means that it can be used with standard leading edge and trailing edge wall plate dimmers.

It is ideal for retrofit applications, where you want to replace a dimmable halogen downlight with a dimmable LED downlight, using the existing dimming control.

MEAN WELL PCD Series Constant Current LED Driver
MEAN WELL PCD Series Constant Current LED Driver


None of the other constant current LED drivers in the MEAN WELL range can be used with a leading edge or trailing edg dimmer.

If you have any questions al all about constant current LED drivers please do not hesitate to contact MEAN WELL Australia.