DC-DC LED Drivers

6 September 2021

MEAN WELL’s range of DC-DC LED drivers are very popular with OEMs designing their own LED lighting products.

The range includes Buck, Boost and Buck-Boost type LED drivers.


MEAN WELL Step Down DC to DC LED Driver
MEAN WELL Step Down DC to DC LED Driver


All models feature remote on/off control and are availabe with PWM dimming, analogue dimming, or DALI dimming.

You also have the choice of two mounting options. You can opt for either a PCB mountable module, or the version with wire terminations.

Some models also have a surface mount package option available, such as the LDD-H and LDD-L series.

MEAN WELL DC-DC Led drivers are used in a multitude of LED lighting applications around Australia, such as:

  • Automated Crop Propagation
  • Marine Lighting
  • Aquarium Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting

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