Dimmable LED Drivers

8 September 2021

MEAN WELL Australia probably has the most comprehensive range of dimmable LED drivers available with Australian approvals.

There are 4 questions you need to ask yourself in order to select the correct dimmable LED driver:

Do I need a constant voltage driver or constant current LED driver?

Constant Current Dimmable LED Driver
Constant Current Dimmable LED Driver


This will be determined by the LED light fitting itself. Some require the current output of the driver to remain constant at all times, others require the output voltage to remain constant at all times. The LED driver ensures the correct output is maintained, even if there are fluctuations in the 240VAC power supply.

What power output do I need?

Be sure you know what voltage (V) or current (mA) output is required to drive your LED light fitting and also what is the minimum power output (watts) required.

High Power Dimmable LED Driver
High Power Dimmable LED Driver


Where is the LED driver going to be mounted?

Do you need an LED driver for mounting inside a ceiling space, or do you need a weather-proof driver that can be exposed to the elements? Either way MEAN WELL Australia has a dimmable LED driver to suit.

Finally, what type of dimming controller is being used in the installation?

Different types of dimming controllers have different type of dimming signal outputs. You will need a dimmable LED driver that is compatible with this signal. So, check what type of signal your controller uses.  The most common are:

1-10V                                                           0-10V

PWM Signal                                                 DALI

Push Button Dimming                                  AC Phase Cut

MEAN WELL AC Phase Cut Dimmable LED Driver
MEAN WELL AC Phase Cut Dimmable LED Driver

MEAN WELL has dimmable LED drivers that are compatible with all of these options.

Simply contact MEAN WELL Australia with this information for advice on the best dimmable LED driver for your application.