ELG-200 AND ELG-240 LED Now with Australian Approvals!

31 August 2017
New MEAN WELL DC DC Converter

The new MEAN WELL ELG-200 and ELG-240 LED drivers are now available from one or more of our MEAN WELL Australia partners complete with Australian electrical safety certification.

If you are looking for a highly reliable and rugged LED driver, yet don’t have the budget for a MEAN WELL HLG series LED driver, then the ELG series could be the answer.

The warranty period offered on the ELG series LED drivers is slightly shorter at 5 years, in comparison to the 7-year warranty you enjoy with the HLG series.

It should be noted that no 12V option is offered in the ELG-240 series.

The following four versions of these two new LED drivers will be available from your local distributor:

Standard Model:

Fixed Output

Adjustable Model:

Potentiometers for Trimming Output Voltage & Current

Dimmable Model:

0-10V, PWM*, or Resistance

DALI Model:

With Built in DALI Interface

*This is not a PWM output.

It is expected that 12V and 24V models will be readily available in all four model options. Other voltages are available, but a minimum order quantity and lead time could apply depending on the actual model required.           

Adjustable Models

The adjustable models have two potentiometers, which allow you to ‘trim’ the output voltage and output current. This feature should not be confused with dimming control.

The IP rating on the adjustable models is IP65, instead of the IP67 that you find on all other models within the range.

Like most constant voltage MEAN WELL LED drivers, the ELG series drivers can be used in constant current mode. If you draw the maximum current, the power supply will keep the current constant and allow the voltage to float.

By selecting an adjustable model, you are more likely to find a LED driver with the output current you require. Refer to the data sheets for the adjustment ranges available, these can be downloaded using the following links:


3-in-1 Dimming

The dimmable models feature MEAN WELL’s 3-in-1 dimming. These can be dimmed with either 0-10V type dimmers, or PWM dimming controls. They can also be dimmed using simple resistance.

The dimming range is 0 ~ 100%, but it should be noted that there is a ‘step’ from about 6V down to 0V.

This is depicted in the dimming curves in the data sheets.

The reference to PWM here does not indicate that the ELG series LED drivers have a PWM output. They do not.

Only the MEAN WELL PWM series LED drivers have this feature.

DALI Interface

MEAN WELL ELG series LED drivers with a ‘DA’ suffix to their part numbers feature a built-in DALI interface. This means their output can be controlled via a DALI lighting control system.

If you would like any further information on the MEAN WELL ELG series LED drivers, then please do not hesitate to contact MEAN WELL Australia.