High Efficiency DC to DC Converters

23 March 2020
MEAN WELL DC-DC Converter SD-200

MEAN WELL has a very comprehensive range of high effieciency DC to DC converters.

Module type DC to DC Converters

MEAN WELL Module type DC to DC ConverterMEAN WELL’s DC to DC converter modules are compact encapsulated DC to DC converters, which can be mounted directly on to a printed circuit board (PCB). Models available range from 0.5 Watts right through to 150 Watts. Some of the lower power DC to DC converters are available in a surface mount package, whereas all models have a through hole mounting option.

This broad range means that Electronics Engineers should be able to find a suitable DC to DC converter for their design.

On Board DC to DC Converters

MEAN WELL On Board DC to DC ConverterOn board DC to DC converters are basically a bare PCB type DC to DC converter, which can be piggy backed onto another PCB. They are available in models ranging from 5 Watts to 15 Watts.

All models except the 5 Watt version have a built in heat sink.

PCB DC to DC Converters

MEAN WELL Open Frame DC to DC ConverterThe MEAN WELL PCB type DC to DC converters are an open frame version of the enclosed DC to DC converters. They are not PCB mountable but have an open PCB design. There is no housing and connection is made quick connect type pin headers on the PCB. Models range from 5 Watts to 45 Watts.

They save electronics designers having to build their own DC to DC converters from scratch, and can easily be incorporated into a project that has limited space available.

Enclosed DC to DC Converters

MEAN WELL Enclosed DC to DC ConverterEnclosed DC to DC converters are ideal for system integrators and machine builders alike.

Offering high efficiency, their enclosed design means that they have a casing that protects the electronics from accidental contact. They can easily be mounted inside switchboards, as well as inside as piece of machinery or electronic equipment. DIN Rail mounting hardware is available for some models.

Models available range from 15 Watts right through to 1000 Watts.

MEAN WELL also produces a specific range of DC to DC converters for railway applications with EN50155 certification.

For more information on high efficiency DC to DC converters contact MEAN WELL Australia.