KNX Dimmable LED Drivers with Selectable Current Output

24 November 2020
KNX Power Supplies Actuators and Gateways

MEAN WELL is the first manufacturer in the world to offer a LED driver with a built in KNX interface.  

This means you don’t need an expensive DALI to KNX gateway, thereby reducing the cost of the installation.  

The LCM-KN series LED drivers have a constant current output.  


The output current is simply selected using the DIP switches under the blue cover.  

The below table details the output current options available on each model: 


Output Options

LCM-40KN 350mA, 450mA, 500mA, 550mA, 600mA, 650mA, 700mA, 750mA, 800mA, 850mA, 900mA, 950mA, 1050mA 
LCM-60KN 500mA, 600mA,650mA, 700mA, 750mA, 800mA, 850mA, 900mA, 950mA, 1000mA, 1050mA, 1100mA, 1150mA, 1200mA, 1250mA, 1300mA, 1400mA 

With the LCM-KN series LED drivers, you can also control up to 10 units synchronously, with one LED driver acting as a master, and the other 9 as slaves. 

Another remarkable feature is the built-in temperature compensation. 

A temperature sensor (NTC resistor) can be connected between the +NTC / -NTC terminals under the blue cover of the LED driver. The sensor’s detecting point can be used to monitor the temperature of the luminaires, or the surrounding environment. As the temperature rises the output current of the LED driver varies according to the sensed temperature. This can be used to ensure the long life of the LEDs. 

For further information on the MEAN WELL LCM-KN series LED drivers please contact MEAN WELL Australia