LED Drivers Sold in Australia Must Have Australian Electrical Safety Certification

10 February 2023

Not all MEAN WELL LED drivers are listed on the MEAN WELL Australia website.

This is because not all MEAN WELL LED drivers have an Australian electrical safety certificate.  

In Australia it is a legal requirement for all in-line LED drivers to have an Australian electrical safety certificate.  

By ‘in-line’ we mean a LED driver that is connected to an LED luminaire and plugged into the mains power supply, as shown in the below diagram. 

Inline LED driver that requires Australian electrical safety certificate

If the LED driver is an integral part of a light fitting it may not require an Australian electrical safety certificate. However, the light fitting itself may have to be tested and certified to the relevant Australian electrical safety standards.  

MEAN WELL only manufacture two series of LED drivers with full Australian electrical safety approvals. These are the HLG series and the ELG series.

For the other MEAN WELL LED drivers that are listed on the MEAN WELL Australia website it is ADM Systems who have had the drivers tested and certified. In most cases MEAN WELL has agreed to make made a modification to the standard design during production, so that the drivers comply with Australian electrical safety standards. 

This means that 2 MEAN WELL LED drivers may have the same part number, but one may not compy with Australia's electrical safety standards.

MEAN WELL LED driver with Australian Approvals
Required Markings for Australian Approvals


Certain MEAN WELL LED drivers sold overseas, such as the LPV series do not have an Australian electrical safety certificate.  

In some cases, it is because the LED driver in question has been designed for a different market, where the electrical safety requirements are different to those here in Australia. Due to the design of the LED driver it will never meet the electrical safety standard requirements in Australia.  

For example, the AC input wires on the LPC-35 do not meet Australian electrical safety standards.  

LPC-35 Does Not Comply with Australian Electrical Safet Standards
LPC-35 Does Not Comply with Australian Electrical Safet Standards


If you are buying LED drivers from an overseas supplier, it is you as the importer who is responsible for ensuring the LED driver complies with the Australian electrical safety standards and is correctly certified.  

Buyer beware! It's very easy to stamp the Australian regulatory compliance mark onto a LED driver.  

Don’t rely on the RCM mark alone. If your preference is that you import your LED drivers from overseas then request a copy of the Australian electrical safety certificate and test report before committing to purchase a LED driver.  

Our recommendation is to engage with one of our partners listed on this website to ensure your LED driver is fully compliant with Australia's electrical safety standards.

If you are finding that pricing is an issue please contact us directly.