Low Cost Inverters

8 September 2021

The MEAN WELL A300 series modified sine wave inverter gives you a remarkable level of functionality at a low cost.

If you are on a tight budget it is certainly worth consideration.

The MEAN WELL A300 series inverter is a modified sine wave inverter. It is well suited to powering electrical equipment that does not have any sensitive electronic circuitry. For example; a simple induction load like a motor, or a resistive load like a heating element.

Low cost inverter
Low Cost Inverter


So if you want to run appliances such as fans, toasters, or vacuum cleaners the MEAN WELL A300 series inverter is a great low cost solution.

This low cost inverter is available in models ranging from 100 Watts right through to 2500 Watts.

All models in the series feature a suite of input and output protections:

Input Protections Output Protections
Reverse polarity Short circuit
Over and under voltage Overload
Battery low alarm Over temperature
Battery low shutdown  


The A300-100 model inverter features a built in USB interface and has a fan-less design. Its cylindrical body is designed to sit in a cup holder, so it is great for powering AC devices from the 12V socket in a car or any other vehicle.

A300-100 Inverter


All other models are fan cooled and feature either 1 or 2 AC outlet sockets. So there is a model available to run most everyday appliances.

Although the MEAN WELL A300 series is a low cost inverter, you will still enjoy MEAN WELL’s world renowned reliability. In fact all models are backed by a 1 year warranty.

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