Low Cost Power Supplies with Battery Charging Function and Alarm Outputs

9 September 2021

You really don’t need to pay the best part of $1000 just to get a power supply that can charge a battery, switch over to the battery if the AC fails and trigger an alarm if the battery is getting low.

MEAN WELL has two DIN rail mounted options, which provide this level of functionality at a much lower cost.

DRC Series DIN Rail Power Supply with US Function

MEAN WELL DRC Series Power Supply


The DRC series power supplies are ideal for applications, which require a power output of 100 Watts or less.

There are three versions of the DRC series available:

DRC-40 (40.02 Watts)

DRC-60 (59.34 Watts)

DRC-100 (96.6 Watts)

There are two output voltage options to choose from: 13.8V for 12V applications and 27.6V for 24V applications.

The DRC power supplies trickle charge a lead acid battery, whilst providing power to the load. If the AC fails, they will switch over to the battery. Once the AC power is restored they will resume supplying the load from the AC input and go back to trickle charging the battery.

There are two alarm outputs. One for ‘Battery Low’ the other for ‘AC OK’. So, they can be integrated into a remote monitoring system.

DR-UPS40 UPS battery Charging Module



For application where you need more than 100 Watts, you can use the MEAN WELL DR-UPS40 control module together with any 24V MEAN WELL DIN rail power supply (up to 40 amps).

The power supply must be adjusted to 27.6V output in order to properly charge a 24V battery.

Although this does mean that you have to have two units mounted on a DIN rail, it is remarkably cost effective when compared to other integrated solutions on the market.

The DR-UPS40 gives you a wider range of output alarms than is available on the DRC series power supplies:

  • DC Bus OK
  • Battery Fail
  • Battery Discharge

There is also a useful built-in battery test function. This will activate the battery fail output if the test indicates a fault condition.

The functionality offered by the above power supplies and modules are very useful in any application where, battery failure needs to be avoided.

They allow you to reduce maintenance costs, by eliminating the need for a technician to travel out to remote sites just to test a battery.

For further information please contact MEAN WELL Australia.