MEAN WELL DR-RDN20 Replaced by a New Range of Slimline Redundancy Modules

9 September 2021

MEAN WELL has replaced the DR-RDN20 with two new series of slimline redundancy modules. 

The DRDN20 and DRDN40

MEAN WELL DRDN20 Redundancy Module
MEAN WELL DRDN20 Redundancy Module


MEAN WELL DRDN40 Redundancy Module
MEAN WELL DRDN40 Redundancy Module


Both series have 2 input channels and 1 output channel, and are available in 12VDC, 24VDC, or 48VDC models.   

The input channels have voltage alarm relays to allow you to integrate the module with a PLC, or other control system.   

The DRDN20 series has a power output of up to 20A per channel (continuous), whereas the DRDN40 gives you up to 40A (continuous).   

These new redundancy modules can be used in conjunction with a MEAN WELL DIN rail power supply as part of a 1+1, or N+1 redundancy system.  

The new MOSFET design has resulted in a lower voltage drop of 0.3V, as opposed to 0.6V on the older DR-RDN20 redundancy module.   

You also have the advantage of a wide operating temperature range of -40 ~ +80°C, with no derating up to 60°C.   

The MEAN WELL DRDN20 and DRDN40 redundancy modules come with a 3-year warranty.    

For further information please contact MEAN WELL Australia.