The MEAN WELL NPB Battery Charger

25 June 2024
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The NPB Chargers are the latest from the MEAN WELL Battery Charger range, advancing upon the much loved, but now discontinued PB battery charger range.

Key Takeaways

  • The NPB Series is designed to accommodate both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries with preinstalled charging curve selections.
  • Higher Models have a range of charging curve selection, ideal for various charging applications.
  • Certain models also feature temperature compensation charging capabilities for 2-stage charging.
  • Higher-end models of the NPB range feature programmable charging curves with the use of the SBP-001 Programmer.

The MEAN WELL NPB Battery Charger range presents users with intelligent design and reliability, with refined charging curves catering for both lead-acid and lithium-ion battery types. The NPB series provides users with both 2 & 3-stage charging options, whilst higher models feature user programmability, for unique charging applications.

MEAN WELL NPB Chargers can be integrated into charging various automated bot systems


The NPB Battery Charger series is an ideal solution for charging batteries for a range of applications, including standby generators & pumps, caravans & mobile homes, scaled commercial chargers for e-mobility vehicles and automated guided vehicles. 

MEAN WELL NPB-1700 Series
MEAN WELL NPB-1700 Series


2-Stage Charging

The two-stage charging selection, as described features 2 stages of charging. This charger mode can be selected via the dipswitch located on the front of the NPB charger.

The first stage consists of the battery charger operating in constant current mode, with the voltage increasing as the charge cycle progresses.

The internal system on the NPB charger will recognise that each cell of the battery has now reached 2.4V per cell, and the charger will switch into the second stage of charging constant voltage mode.

Once the onboard system recognises the battery is approaching a full charge, the charger will stop charging, ceasing operation.

Your battery is now ready to be used.

MEAN WELL NPB-360 2 Stage Charging Curve
MEAN WELL NPB-360 2 Stage Charging Curve


3-Stage Charging.

Stages 1 & 2 operate the same as the 2-stage charging mode, however with the additional 3rd stage, float mode.

Float mode is when the charger recognises the completion of stage 2 and the move will begin a float charge, which will maintain a trickle charge to keep the battery cell at 2.3V per cell.

MEAN WELL NPB-360 3 Stage Charging Curve.png
MEAN WELL NPB-360 3 Stage Charging Curve


Programmable Charging – The MEAN WELL SBP-001

Higher-end models of the NPB charger series featuring programmable charging curves with the integration of the SBP-001 Programmer.

NPB Models featuring programmable charging curves:

  • NPB-450
  • NPB-750
  • NPB-1200
  • NPB-1700

The SBP-001 Programmers work as an intermediary connection device, connecting a computer (via USB) to an NPB charger (CANBus 2.0). This allows the user to program a charging curve via the MEAN WELL charging software.

MEAN WELL SBP-001 Battery Charger Programmer


Additionally, the SBP-001 is compatible with program chargers from the following MEAN WELL range:


You can download the SBP-001 Programming Software here.


Additional Features of the NPB Series


NPB-120/240/360 feature smaller bodies with ports for mounting brackets, (part no. DGG2MHS012D)

NPB-450/750/1200/1700 feature mounting flange integrated into the design.



All the NPB series feature XLR, Anderson and terminal connectors, with higher models featuring the CANBus 2.0 connections for communications.



NPB-450/750/1200 & 1700 all feature internal temperature-controlled fans for forced air cooling, ensuring your charging can avoid overheating and remain within the efficiency-rated temperature of -30*C to +70*C.


Temperature Compensated Feature.

NPB-450/750/1200 & 1700 feature temperature compensation compatibility with the integration of an additional NTC thermistor.


Want to learn more?

If your organisation develops systems that require battery charging, either for backup systems or charging for commercial applications, the MEAN WELL Australia team is here to help. We specialise in power for industrial and commercial applications and are ready to help you find a solution that is the right fit for your application.

We understand your organisation may design products in Australia but manufacture offshore. In this case, we are here to help. MEAN WELL Australia can help get your product to market in the following ways:   

  • Provide technical advice and support in selecting the most suitable products for your application. 

  • Supplying small quantity orders for product evaluation.  

  • Introduction to a MEAN WELL office that is closest to your production location, so that you can be sure your operation benefits from competitive pricing and have peace of mind that all items supplied are genuine MEAN WELL products.  


If you’d like to learn more about how the MEAN WELL NPB Battery Charger can be implemented into your application, contact the MEAN WELL Australia Team on 1300 632 693 or send an inquiry here.