Mounting Brackets and Terminal Covers for MEAN WELL Power Supplies

6 June 2023

What is it they say? The best things come in small packages!

Well, this is also true for the MEAN WELL product range.

One area we wish to highlight is MEAN WELL’s range of mounting brackets and accessories.

We know it is hard to get excited about this sort of stuff, but they can actually save you a lot of time and money.

It’s surprising how many conversations we have had with customers, where we have been told that someone has gone to the trouble to manufacture their own mounting brackets and hardware. In many cases this is unnecessary as MEAN WELL offers a wide range of mounting brackets and accessories at a low cost.

There are mounting brackets available for many of the enclosed power supplies and DC-DC converters.

A range of ‘mounting feet’ and terminal covers for your MEAN WELL enclosed power supply is also available.

MEAN WELL Power Supply Mounting Brackets

The mounting brackets that you screw to the power supplies enclosure, giving it a set of ‘feet’ which enable you secure it to another surface using suitable screws.

You will see in the product data sheets, that the positions of the mounting holes are shown, should the brackets have been fitted.

The brackets are shown in a dotted line, as in the following diagram, which is taken from the MEAN WELL RSP-320 data sheet, to indicate that they are not supplied with the power supply.

MEAN WELL mounting brackets shown in power supply data sheet
Diagram from MEAN WELL RSP-320 Data Sheet


There are three types of bracket available:

MHS012 Mounting Bracket


MEAN WELL MHS013 Mounting Bracket_MWA
MHS013 Mounting Bracket


MEAN WELL MHS014 Mounting Bracket_MWA
MHS014 Mounting Bracket


The following table shows which brackets are compatible with which power supplies:

Bracket Part# (4 required per power supply)

Compatible MEAN WELL Power Supplies


HSP-190, RSP-200/320





SP-240, HRP-300/450/600



PSP-500, SP-750



RSP-1000, SD-1000


MEAN WELL Power Supply Terminal Covers

There are also four MEAN WELL terminal covers, which are suitable for many of MEAN WELL's enclosed power supplies.

MEAN WELL Terminal Cover
MEAN WELL Terminal Cover


Terminal Cover Part#

Compatible Power Supplies


SD-25 / 50

RS-35 / 50/ 75


LRS-35 / 50 / 75


RD-85 / 125

RS-100, T-60

RS-150, SD-100

RD / RID-65



RSP-100 / 150

LRS-100 / LRS-150 / 150F


AD-155, ADD / ADS-155



RSP-200 / 320

Contact MEAN WELL Australia, if you are having trouble identifying the correct bracket to use