New High-Performance LED Driver Surge Protector

8 May 2018

MEAN WELL has announced the introduction of the new high-performance LED driver surge protector, the SPD-20HP Series.

The key features of this new surge protector are low Measured Limiting Voltage (MLV) and low Voltage Protection Level, (UP).

The SPD-20HP Series has a 20kA maximum discharge current and can dramatically decrease the high surge impact to LED luminaires, which is caused by lightning strikes, and can expand the LED luminaire’s life cycle.

Both models have been designed to meet the IP66 standard, so they are suitable for use with weatherproof LED drivers, such as the HLG and ELG series.

The SPD-20HP-480S can provide protection for high voltage (415V AC) luminaires, such as highway lighting and 415V power supplies.

The SDP-20HP-277S offers protection to 240VAC powered LED drivers.

Stock is expected to be available through your local MEAN WELL sales representative towards the end of June 2018.