New MEAN WELL 100 Watt DC to DC Converter with 12VDC Input

31 August 2017
New MEAN WELL DC DC Converter

The MEAN WELL SD-100 series of DC to DC converters now includes models that will accept a 12V input.

The new MEAN WELL SD-100A series DC to DC converters have an input range of 9.5V ~ 18VDC.


Up until now the lowest input voltage range available was 16 ~ 72VDC, which meant there had been no option for customers using 12VDC power sources.

Other input voltages available throughout the SD-100 range include 36 ~ 72VDC, 72 ~ 144VDC and 85 ~ 132VAC.

The new MEAN WELL SD-100A DC to DC converters are available through your local MEAN WELL Australia distributor.