Power Supplies for Battery Charging Applications

23 March 2020
MEAN WELL power supply with battery charger

If you are looking for a power supply for a battery charging application, please contact MEAN WELL Australia to make sure the model you have selected is suitable. 

Some models, such as the RSP-320 series, are not suitable for battery charging applications and have a note in the data sheet, referring customers to MEAN WELL if the power supply is being considered for use in a charging related application.  


The RSP-320 is not recommended for applications where the load has a capacitance greater than 5,000µF.  

This is likely to be the case if the power supply were to be used to power a DC charger, such as a Lithium charger for drones or model cars. The 5,000µF limit applies for MEAN WELL power supply models RSP-100, RSP-150, RSP-200 and RSP-320. 

For most applications, we can offer a better suited model, such as the MEAN WELL RS-150.  


Failures caused by using a power supply for an application to which is not suited, may not be covered by the warranty.  

If you have any questions about this notice, please do not hesitate to contact MEAN WELL Australia