Using the Correct Type of Power Supply for LED Strip

13 December 2021

Enclosed power supplies should not be used to power LED strips.

Such an installation as shown in the image below is not only dangerous, but also illegal.  

Dangerous power supply for LED strip
Dangerous power supply for LED strip


This type of power supply has been designed to be used as a component inside a piece of finished equipment.  

This could be anything such as a photocopier or an LCD display panel, just to name a couple of examples.  

Danger of Injury or Death

Enclosed power supplies have exposed screw terminals for the AC connections. If these are touched there is the potential for severe injury or death due to electric shock.  

When an enclosed power supply is correctly used as a component, these terminals cannot be reached by the user of the equipment. 

Power Supplies for LED Strip

Any power supply you are using to power LEDs or LED strips must be certified to electrical safety standards IEC 61347-2-13:2006 with AS/NZS 61347.1:2002. This applies if you are mounting the power supply inside cabinetry, such as a retail display stand.  

Enclosed power supplies are not certified to this standard because they are not intended to be used as a power supply for LEDs and LED strips.  

We have published a blog post “LED Drivers Sold in Australia Must Have Australian Electrical Safety Certification” which gives a more detailed explanation of Australia’s laws concerning electrical safety and power supplies. 

We suggest you browse this website for a suitable LED driver.  

LED Driver with Australian Electrical Safety Certification
LED Driver with Australian Electrical Safety Certification


All LED drivers listed on the MEAN WELL Australia website are available with the correct electrical safety certification for use with LEDs or LED strips in Australia.  

We are happy to help you select a suitable LED driver, please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any assistance.