What LED Driver do I need?

7 September 2021

To work out what LED driver you need, you first of all have to ask yourself 5 simple questions:


Do I need a Constant Current or Constant Voltage LED driver?

This will depend on the type of light fitting or LED you have.

Some LEDs require a constant voltage to prevent flickering, others require a constant current.

MEAN WELL Constant Current LED Driver
MEAN WELL Constant Current LED Driver


If there is any fluctuation in your 240VAC power supply the LED driver will ensure that either the voltage, or current output remains constant.

What is the required output?

This will either be the required voltage, or required current.

12V & 24V are the most common voltage outputs, but it could be something different. Current outputs are usually expressed a milliamps. For example 350mA or 700mA.

How powerful does the LED driver need to be?

This is the wattage of the LED driver. Is 16W going to be enough, or do you need something as large as a 600W led driver?



Where is the LED driver going to situated?

If it is going in the roof space then a plastic bodied LED driver will be fine. However, if it is going to be exposed to the elements, you will need a weatherproof LED driver.

Do you want to dim the LEDs?

If you want to DIM the LEDs then you will need to know what type of output your dimming controller has. The most common types are:

  • Resistive
  • 0-10VDC or 1-10VDC
  • PWM Signal
  • Push Button
  • DALI
MEAN WELL Dimmable LED Driver
MEAN WELL Dimmable LED Driver


What next?

Simply contact MEAN WELL Australia. Using your answers we will be able to advise what suitable LED drivers are available.