CLG-100 - Discontinued

Discontinued Product – Please consider using one of the alternatives below. The alternative product suggested may not be a drop in replacement. Please consult the data sheet before ordering.

Contact MEAN WELL Australia if you would like any assistance in identifying a suitable alternative.

Suggested Alternatives


MEAN WELL 100 Watt Rugged LED Driver IP67


Universal AC input: Full range
Power factor correction
High efficiency
IP67 rating



Model Voltage Current (A) Power Input Voltage Efficiency
CLG-100-12 12V 5A 60W 90 ~ 295VAC 83.00%
CLG-100-15 15V 5A 75W 90 ~ 295VAC 85.00%
CLG-100-20 20V 4.8A 96W 90 ~ 295VAC 88.50%
CLG-100-24 24V 4A 96W 90 ~ 295VAC 88.00%
CLG-100-27 27V 3.55A 95.85W 90 ~ 295VAC 88.00%
CLG-100-36 36V 2.65A 95.4W 90 ~ 295VAC 88.00%
CLG-100-48 48V 2A 96W 90 ~ 295VAC 88.50%