1000 Watt High Reliability Power Supply

6 June 2023

The MEAN WELL HRPG series of high reliability power supplies has been extended to include a 1000 Watt version.

The dimensions of the HRPG-1000 are exactly the same as the HRPG-600, so it easy to upgrade an existing product, or application.

MEAN WELL HRPG-1000 Power Supply
MEAN WELL HRPG-1000 Power Supply


There are 4 different output voltages to choose from: 12V, 15V, 24V and 48V. It should be noted that the 1000 Watts stated above is the typical power output across the product range. Please check the product data sheet for the power output of the actual model selected.

These new 1000 Watt high reliability series power supplies have some very useful features:

  • Cooling Fan On / Off Control
  • Remote On / Off Control
  • Standby Power Output
  • Current Sharing
  • Remote Sense Function
  • DC Ok Alarm Signal
  • Power Factor Correction

Cooling Fan On / Off Control

The cooling fan on the power supply can be turned on and off as necessary, using an NTC thermistor.

This extends the lifecycle of the fan as it is only required to run when required, rather than being permanently on.

Remote On / Off Control

The HRPG-1000 series power supplies can be activated and switched off remotely, making them ideal for applications which are remotely monitored and, or controlled.

Standby Power Output

There is an auxiliary 5V / 0.3A power supply, which remains active even if the power supply has been switched off remotely.

This allows the HRPG-1000 to power a controller, or PLC which is being used to remotely switch the power supply on and off.

Current Sharing

The current sharing capability allows you to connect up to four units in parallel, giving you a combined power output of 4000 WATTS!

Remote Sense Function

This is a voltage drop compensation function. It automatically compensates for any voltage drop of up to 0.5V along the DC output wiring.

DC OK Alarm Signal

Another useful function if the power supply is being used in an application that is remotely controlled and/or monitored.

It can be used to give a warning if there is no DC output from the power supply.

Power Factor Correction

The HRPG-1000 series power supplies feature built-in automatic power factor correction.  Thereby, ensuring that you are not being charged for power that you haven’t used.

High Level of Reliability

Many industrial and process control applications demand high reliability. Not only are downtimes costly because of the loss of production during downtimes, there is also the cost of getting an engineer to site, which can be in a remote location.

The HRPG-1000 series power supplies boast an MTBF (meantime between failure) rate of 105.8K hrs minimum [tested according to MIL-HDBK-217F (25°C)] and are backed by a 5-year warranty.

For further information please contact MEAN WELL Australia.