CANBus Power Supplies

6 June 2023

There are many applications where it is desirable to vary the output of a power supply, as part of an automated process.

MEAN WELL offers several power supplies that can be remotely controlled from a PLC, or other type of controller by applying an external voltage.

Two such models are the DRP-3200 and DPU-3200, which offer CANBus support, allowing them to be integrated into a higher-level control system.

MEAN WELL DRP-3200 Power Supply
MEAN WELL DRP-3200 Rack Mount Power Supply


MEAN WELL DPU-3200 Power Supply
MEAN WELL DPU-3200 Power Supply


Functionally, both power supplies are similar with the only real difference being that the DRP-3200 is rack mountable. The mounting chassis is sold as a separate item.

With both models you enjoy the advantages of the following features:

  • Current Sharing Function
  • Remote On / Off and Adjustment
  • CANBus support*
  • Built in Alarm Signals
  • High Power Density & Efficiency
  • High Reliability

*optional depending on model selected


Both the DRP-3200 and DPU-3200 feature a current sharing function, which allows you to connect multiple units in parallel to deliver a higher power output.

Up to 5 of the stand-alone DPU-3200s can be connected in parallel and up to 8 of the DRP-3200 rack mount units. This gives you a maximum system power output of 16,000 Watts and 25,600 Watts respectively.


One of the most useful features of these two new power supplies is the ability to vary the output voltage, or current by applying an external voltage.

Voltage can be adjusted within a range of 50% to 125% of the nominal output. Whereas, the current can be adjusted within a range of 20% to 100%.


The MEAN WELL DRP-3200 and DPU-3200 series spower supplies offer CANBus support as an optional feature.

CANBus increases the compatibility with higher level control systems, so that the output parameters of the power supply can be varied throughout any process.


The DRP-3200 and DPU-3200 series power supplies are well suited to system critical applications, where downtimes must be avoided at all costs.

TTL alarm signals are available to indicate the status of the DC output and to flag if the temperature of the unit exceeds 60°C.


Both the DRP-3200 and DPU-3200 are available with either a 24V, or 48V DC output. They deliver a high efficiency rating of up to 94.5% and because of their compact size, also give you a remarkably high-power density.

This means only the minimal amount of real estate is taken up by your power supply.


MEAN WELL has applied the latest design concepts to these new power supplies, which has resulted in a reduction in the number of components used.

Less components means less to fail. Combine this with the latest automated production techniques and you get a very reliable power supply.

So much so, that MEAN WELL offers a 5-year warranty right across the DRP-3200 and DPU-3200 range.

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact MEAN WELL Australia.