MEAN WELL Climbs to Top 3 Global Power Supply Manufacturer in the World.

13 June 2023
MEAN WELL Climbs to Top 3 Global Power Supply Manufacturer in the World

After achieving an outstanding AUD$21.57Bn in annual revenue in 2022, a total of 18.7% growth from 2021, MEAN WELL has been named in the top 3 global power supply manufacturers worldwide by Micro Technology Consultant reports in March 2023.

This is an excellent result given the economic challenges faced globally, such as the Russian-Ukraine conflict, international central banking issues and inflation, MEAN WELL continues to remain resilient in providing effective power solutions for our customers. The global outlook for MEAN WELL remains positive, with continued plans to develop partnerships within the SDG industry value network.  

MEAN WELL’s key initiatives going forward are to continue to strengthen corporate governance, promote global standardisation, improve lead times, expand investments into overseas markets, and enhance operational efficiency through computerisation.  

MEAN WELL acknowledges the global economic challenges on the horizon but is prepared to quickly rebound and continue our leadership as a worldwide leader in power supply manufacturing. 

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