MIEG WAEI Power Supplies are Not Manufactured by MEAN WELL

10 February 2023

As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, there are many copies of MEAN WELL power supplies being offered for sale in Asia.  

We were recently contacted by a customer in Australia asking for a replacement to a Mieg Waei MS-120-24, who thought it was a genuine MEAN WELL power supply.  

MEAN WELL do not use the brand name Mieg Waei. Plus, MS-120-24 is not a valid MEAN WELL part number.  

Fortunately, in this instance we were able to offer a genuine MEAN WELL LRS-150-24 as a suitable replacement.  

MEAN WELL LRS-150 Power Supply
MEAN WELL LRS-150 Power Supply


The only way to ensure that you are buying a genuine MEAN WELL power supply is to buy from an approved supplier.  

The partners we have listed on this website all stock genuine MEAN WELL power supplies. If there is any reason why you don’t want to use one of these suppliers, please contact MEAN WELL Australia.