Programmable MEAN WELL Power Supplies

29 December 2022

The MEAN WELL range of programmable power supplies comprises of four  series.

There is an ever growing need for power supplies that can be integrated into system designs, which by their nature incorporate a degree of variability.  There are a number of industrial applications that are highly technical and complex, which often involve a change to the supplied current or voltage during the process, such as burn in equipment or laser machines.

What is required is the ability to remotely control the output of the power supply from a PLC or other control system.

The new models listed below give you this ability:



Enclosed Type Power Supply


Rack Mountable Front End Rectifier


Intelligent Battery Charger


Rack Mountable Front End Battery Charger

MEAN WELL RCB-1600 Battery Charger


The programmable function of these new MEAN WELL power supplies gives the most practical and convenient solution for the required flexibility and variability in system designs. 

The great advantage with MEAN WELL’s programmable power supplies is that you don’t need any complex extra circuitry. You simply control the output level by applying an external DC voltage or regular resistance.

Programmable Power Supplies


The new 1600 Watt programmable power supplies and chargers achieve power densities of up to 25 watts per cubic inch! The RCP/RPB/RCP-1600 models also feature an embedded PMBus, a communication protocol widely used in this field (CANBus is also available as an option). This further enhances the compatibility and applicability of these new MEAN WELL power supplies in system designs.

Over the past 30 years MEAN WELL has built a global reputation for highly cost effective reliability. The product data sheets detail the MTBF (meantime between failure data). MEAN WELL adheres to a globally recognised standard to calculate MTBF data, namely MIL-HDBK-217F.

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