The RCM Mark Is Not Evidence a Power Supply Has an Australian Electrical Safety Certificate

8 November 2023

There appears to be a misperception that an RCM mark displayed on a MEAN WELL power supply means the power supply carries an Australian electrical safety certificate.

This is not the case.  

The RCM mark is a combined regulatory compliance mark (RCM), which means the power supply meets both the EMC and electrical safety requirements for that type of power supply.  

Let’s look at a MEAN WELL LED driver and a MEAN WELL DIN rail power supply.  



LED drivers are classed as a Level 3 in scope electrical device and by law, must carry an Australian electrical safety certificate. 

With LED drivers the RCM mark denotes the LED driver has the required Australian electrical safety certificate and complies Australia’s EMC regulations.  

There is an exception to this rule within the MEAN WELL LED driver product range.  

The XLG series is intended for use as a Level 1 electrical item only. In other words, it can only be used as a component inside a piece of finished equipment, and that equipment must be tested and certified to whichever electrical standard applies to the equipment in question.  It cannot be used in general lighting installations. 



The XLG shows an RCM mark, because it meets Australia’s EMC regulations. It does not have an Australian electrical safety certificate.  

Be aware that there are some online resellers incorrectly claiming that certain MEAN WELL LED Drivers Have Australian Electrical Safety Approvals.  

If you see the term ‘SAA approved’ on a website, it is recommended that you check the reseller can issue an Australian safety certificate or direct you to the power supply’s electrical safety listing on the government ERAC website

DIN rail power supplies are classed as Level 1 in scope electrical equipment.  

Power supplies in this classification are designed to be used as components inside a piece of finished equipment. They do not need to carry an Australian electrical safety certificate, but the importer does need to be able to provide an electrical safety test report if requested. This can be from an overseas test house.  

MEAN WELL DIN Rail Power Supply
MEAN WELL Battery Charger


MEAN WELL DIN rail power supplies display an RCM mark because they meet the electrical safety requirements of Level 1 electrical equipment and comply with Australia’s EMC regulations.  

If you have any questions about MEAN WELL power supplies and the RCM mark, please do not hesitate to contact MEAN WELL Australia